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Heli Bang Bang Mäenpää

heli bang bang thrives at the intersection of art, culture and business from artist branding at aalto university to the phenomenon citymaalaiset to living with stray dog cabaret and writing a book about rescue dogs. past highlights range from artbuying at viewmasters to running the bang bang gallery and art space laboratory, just to name a few. oh and art directing fashion and tech together with nokia at sek&grey.

Artist Branding

Supporting anyone working in the creative field and in need of guidance for being out there with their career.
Aalto University

Heli Bang Bang regularly lectures at Aalto, LAMK, NOVIA and MUURLA on personal branding and self promotion for students targeting at creative fields.
Citymaalaiset Group

A phenomenon and community of people where city and countryside meet, making the most out of two different worlds. Co-founded by Heli Bang Bang.
IG @mecitymaalaiset
Stray Dog Cabaret Ry

A sanctuary for old and disabled homeless dogs, adopted and taken care by Heli Bang Bang.
IG @straydogcabaretrescues
Etsii Omaa Ihmistä Book

Twenty-five stories about rescue dogs, with all the information needed for adopting your own. Published by Johnny Kniga, out in May 2022. Written by Heli Bang Bang.
Available for pre-order
Viewmasters of Helsinki Oy

A hub, agency and production house for photography where artists helped brands achieve commercial success. 2006-2013. Creative direction by Heli Bang Bang.
Bang Bang Gallery

New photography from emerging artists, in collaboration with Aalto Executive Education 2015-2019. Curated and run by Heli Bang Bang.
Art Space Labortory

Art and business were shamelessly getting together for Helsinki Design Capital 2012: A laboratory to collide photography events, exhibitions, artists, audiences and companies. Creative direction by Heli Bang Bang.

Shaping the new mobile lifestyle in categories like fashion and express during the hay days of Nokia Mobile Phones. Art directed and styled by Heli Bang Bang.
SEK & Grey Oy

The leading advertising agency in Helsinki for decades, fostering the biggest names in the industry, both for talent and accounts. Heli Bang Bang was one of the art directors for 11 years.
Heli Bang Bang Mäenpää

Creative Director

Concept Designer
Brand Strategist
Artist branding expert

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